Whatsapp Shall Mark Forwarded Messages to Control Spam Circulation


Whatsapp Shall Mark Forwarded Messages to Control Spam Circulation; WhatsApp is one of the most commonly used online messaging services in the world. It becomes incredibly easy to send and receive multimedia over WhatsApp over a huge population.

One general problem which common users face is the spamming of messages in WhatsApp. Take it as good morning wish or poster or message related to any festival.

Messages are blindly spammed mostly in WhatsApp groups and even in Personal Chats of the users which have significantly been a headache for its users.

whatsapp now track forward messages to control spam

To curb this issue, the tech giant WhatsApp has decided to take some steps such that forwarded could be marked and spamming of a large number of same messages could be curbed.


The basic motive of taking this step is not only to make WhatsApp use comfortable for millions of users worldwide but also to secure Android smartphones.

It was found that as a result of excessive spamming of messages, Android smartphones were getting slower gradually and resulting in indirect damage of the same.

The Idea

WhatsApp has decided to modify the behavior of the feature, that will show on the bubble after enabling this feature, a Forwarded message string if the message has been forwarded from another chat or from the same chat.

how to stop spamming in whatsapp

This shall help all the users to detect that the message has been forwarded. It will make both the sender and the receiver comfortable with such messages.


When the user wishes to forward some multimedia message, he/she shall be able to do it normally just like the way before, and the receiver will get the corresponding message.

Now, the receiving user can detect if the message sent to him/her has been forwarded from any of the existing or non-existing WhatsApp chat, whether personal or of some group.

How will it help?

Since the users shall be able to detect the forwarded messages, it would not result in excessive spamming especially in the groups.

When it would be marked that the message which is received has been forwarded, then the user shall automatically understand that it might be the same wish message circulated across the web.

Recently, Facebook-owned WhatsApp had made it possible for the users to delete the sent messages for everyone within a time frame of 425 seconds, or 7 minutes.

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And now this feature shall further make the use convenient and reduce to a significant extent the message spamming and system hanging problem of Android phones.

We expect this Tech Giant to progress in the same way for the facilitation of its users and spread its network further towards billions of people around the globe.




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