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Want Tell Something About Internet; The Internet is one of the basic necessities without his life is hard to imagine. Access to internet implies that source of Information and resources at your fingertips. Moreover, the internet offers chat, video calls, voice calls, text messages, that enables social connectivity among people. In a nutshell, the internet offers almost every virtual thing that one can think of- be it computer games, TV, music, information, business, e-learning or whatever. The Internet basically makes the life of human beings simple and easy. It is of great importance to human beings and that is the reason the internet users are increasing at a very high rate and it is being speculated that in the decades to come this number is going to increase even more sharply.


Generations keep on evolving and so does the internet and Technology for instance earlier we used to have computers that had access to the internet and as the time passed by now we have portable smartphones that can connect to a wifi signal and are so convenient to use. Just imagine, sitting at one corner of the world one can access information of that of the Other corner of the world. There is an endless list of advantages that internet offers.

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Let us come to the other aspects of the internet. On one hand, the internet is so useful to us but whether at the other there are dark sides of it. The situation is quite similar to the two faces of a coin. Since the internet is so useful in terms of social networking like Twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook sometimes one is so addicted to them that they cannot refrain from using it even a single day. This problem is faced mostly by teenagers. At the teenage one does not have an idea of to use the internet. The Internet has everything, which maybe non-relevant for teenagers. They may be exposed such things which are not appropriate for them. So it is the duty of their parents to keep an eye on them. So to be on a safer side use the internet wisely. It depends on the user of the internet whether he makes for a good use of it or misuse it. Also, people who play online games often are addicted to it. And this addiction is so much that getting rid of this is a very difficult process. This also is a major issue with the internet. Earlier we talked about benefits of e-banking, there is a great risk of frauds via net banking and e-business. So these are the factors one has to think of so as to ensure its safety.

Want tell something about internet

We already have talked much about the benefits and the risk associated with the internet, it only depends on the user of that whether he makes are a good use or misuses it. What is Atul which is instrumental in uplifting the standard of Technology that we access today? It is quite conspicuous that internet cannot be blind its demerits it is the responsibility of the user no terms and conditions related to it. Fortunately, make the correct use of internet and use it in a constructive manner.

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