University of Delhi’s Epic Fest Season: Chief attraction of all Time


University of Delhi’s Epic Fest Season: Chief attraction of all Time; With the ending of February, the Fest season in one of the most prestigious University in India, Delhi University’s has commenced. This is one of the most awaited events to come in DU. Students wait for the same every year to enjoy to their best level and gain enough exposure and experience in these open tended College Festivals.

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College Festival or Fest season starts from 2nd Week of February and ends by 2nd Week of March. In this official duration specified by DU, various colleges conduct their annual fests. Most of the South Campus colleges end up holding their fests by February end and then comes the Fest of the esteemed North Campus Colleges. However, there is no foundation of Dates for the same but usually, this pattern is followed.

Fests of Some Colleges

The best fests being conducted in DU are of SRCC, Hindu College, and Miranda House followed by Hansraj College, KMC and LSR College. These colleges are known to call up costly and popular stars in their events to give away their performance. Recently, Miranda House has conducted its fest. However, the fest of KMC and Hansraj College have been delayed for March, while Hindu College and SRCC will conduct them at their fixed time in the 2nd week of March.


Fest consists of various parts. Most of the North Campus colleges conduct 4 days fest of their all Societies, various Departments and of the College as a whole. Usually, the last two days consist of EDM Nights and DJ night having great performances by the stars. Most of the colleges conduct fests in two steps. Firstly, the Society and Department Fest is conducted followed by The central Union Fest. Unlike the previous years, this time Hansraj shall conduct two fests, one in Feb last week and other in March 2nd week.

Need of Fests

Fests are required for getting a change from all time same and busy college schedule. It is one of the most exciting activities of College life and serves as a wonderful recreation to the University life. Fest helps you gain exposure, meet new people, distinguish college life from school life and witness the charm and potential of College and University.

Every student must attend fests of popular colleges, if not then at least of their own colleges. It gives new experience and fun of all levels. Students actively participate in various games and utilize their talents for winning the same. Mostly, the money obtained as the registration fee from the game participants is used for the poor children or as funds. So Fests must surely be given the attention they deserve.




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