Top Movies Of 2017 That You Should Watch


Top Movies Of 2017 That You Should Watch: The year 2017 produced a lot of hit movies back to back be it Hollywood or Bollywood it doesn’t make any difference.

Audience and viewers received full worth for their money as the movies were really interesting and awesome.

Although there is a whole lot of movies that are suitable to be categorized under the ‘top’ movies, so it is very difficult to choose the best ones among them.

There is a nail-biting competition among movies and that is why people have different opinion about considering the top movies.

We have come up with a few of the top movies, but it would be too much if we neglect the other ones which are not in listed in the list.

The choices that we make is the matter of preferences that we make and so it is relative to one another’s choices and hence cannot be considered as an absolute list.

  • Thor Ragnarok
  • Coco
  • The Lure
  • Paddington 2
  • Phantom Thread
  • Star Wars The last Jedi
  • Dunkirk
  • Blade Runner 2049
  • The Shape of Water

Thor Ragnarok

The Director of the movie is Taika Waititi.

The cast of the movie is as follows:

Chris HemsworthThor
Tom HiddlestonLoki
Cate BlanchettHela
Idris ElbaHeimdall
Jeff GoldblumGrandMaster
Tessa ThompsonValkyrie
Karl UrbanSkurge
Mark RuffaloHulk
Anthony HopkinsOdin

This movie is one of the top movies that could gather its audience from all over the world. This is the continuation of Thor Series by Marvel.

Thor Ragnarok is the third part of them, also the previous ones were also hit.

In this part, the protagonist Thor find his way very difficult as he has to reunite his team, without his hammer and most difficult is to face his Cruel and mighty sister Hela.

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In order to save his people and Asgard, he had to put in his heart and soul together.

It is quite interesting to note that in the previous editions of the movie Loki the brother of Thor betrays his brother, but this time they both work as a team.

Somewhere in the middle of the movie, we find Thor and Hulk compete with each other.The director has Incorporated humor in various scenes of the movie.

As always Thor tries to pacify the turbulent mind of Hulk and never succeed in the first attempt.

The crisp of the movie lies in the end where the lost hopes of the heroes are again re-energized from the virtual conversation between Thor and his father.

The movie finally ends on a happy note as the heroes are able to finish their job ‘in time’ and most importantly ‘in style’.


The Director of the movie is lee Urkich and Co-Director is Adrian Molina.

Coco is a great animated movie that is in collaboration with Pixar and the Disney. Although this is an animated movie but it has managed to pull off a great audience for it and that’s why it is kept in the category of top movies.

The IMDB ratings for Coco is 8.7 out of 10. this kind of rating is very great for a movie and at this level where one has to face a huge competition.

The theme of the movie is that a boy who is around the age of 12 is a happy-go-lucky kind of boy finds that finds himself in the place of dead people in the search of his grandfather.

Obviously is the protagonist of the story and it’s quite interesting to see is a mysterious journey at the place where has never been.

There the protagonist finds great people, new experience and an unexposed world that gradually start revealing itself.

This is altogether a new sort of experience for him which is marked by is merriment, fun, and joy throughout the movie.

The Lure

The Director of th e movie is Agnieszka Smoczynska

The Cast of the movie is as follows:

Marta MazurekSreberna
Michalina Olszanska Zlota
Kinga PreisWokalistka Krysia
Andrzej KonopkaPerkusista
Jakub GierszalMietek
Zygmunt Malanowiczkierownik Sali
Magdalena CieleckaBoskie Futro
Katarzyna HermanMiliczantka
Marcin Kowalczykdedal

The debut movie by the director Agnieszka Smoczynska is a mixture of drama, thriller, horror and nevertheless ‘entertainment’.

Although being a debut movie but the overall impact that it has on the viewers is tremendous and appreciable.

The central plot of the movie revolves around two mermaid sisters that are brought to an island. Well, initially they seem to be so seducing that everyone is attracted to them like iron pieces to a magnet.

With the passage of movie their reality is exposed which tells us that something is terribly horrible to them. they are mermaids, but an interesting creation that cast attractive looks but at times can be horrible.

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They have sharp teeth that can pierce through the human skin very easily. Jab Samundar Paar which are deprived of a normal human being and hence the director has introduced very new concept.

Throughout the movie, the musical background finds a profounding impact and makes an edge over the rest of the movies of its type.

The cast and crew are perfectly balanced and I have created a movie that gives full worth of the money.

The overall content the movie is good for adults only and so it cannot be categorized as a family movie.

Paddington 2

The Director and Writer of the movie is Paul King.

The cast of the movie is as follows:

Madaliene HarrisJudy Brown
Samuel JoslinJonathan Brown
Sally HawkinsMary Brown
Hugh Bonneville Henry Brown
Julie WaltersMrs. Bird
Sanjeev BhaskarDr. Jafri
Ben MillerColonel Lancaster
Jessica HynesMiss Kitts
Robbie GeeMr Barnes

This is the second part of an already existing movie, quite obvious Paddington. this is stories all about up a bar named ‘Paddington’ who also is the protagonist of the story.

Paddington the bear is a lovable and very friendly character whom everybody likes and admires wherever he goes.

His activities are worth watching and create an ambiance full of laughter and merriment.

In this part we find Paddington looking for a gift for her Aunt Lucy. So he has to work hard to earn money for the same.

Eventually, he succeeds in earning a good hand. but the last few moments turned miserable for him.

It so happened that the gift he was longing for, had been stolen in front of him from a shop.

He tried his best to catch the thief but things did not go his way as he was mistakenly caught and jailed. At this point of time, the entire sympathy of the audience is with Paddington.

From here on it is very interesting to see how we pulled the things off and brought his life ultimately to the right path.

The movie beautifully depicts the work of fantasy and imagination, for how a bear can go around so well amongst human beings.

The genre of the movie comprises of Fantasy, Comedy, Adventure, and Family.

As of for now it’s very good to encapsulate it among one of the ‘Top Movies’ of 2017.

Phantom Thread

The Director and the Writer of the movie is Paul Thomas Anderson.

The Cast of the movie is as follows:

Daniel Day LewisReynolds Woodcock
Lesley ManvilleCyril
Sue ClarkBiddy
Joan BrownNana
Harriet LeitchPippa
Dinah NicholsonElsa
Julie DuckIrma
Maryanne FrostWinn
Elli BanksElli
Amy CunninghamMabel
Amber BrabantAmber
Geneva CorlettGeneva
Juliet GlavesFlorist
Camilla RutherfordJohanna
Gina Mckee as CountessHenrietta Harding
Philip FranksPeter Martin
Tony HansfordPetrol Station owner

The story of this movie is all about an old man who lives in London and the story is way back in the 1950s. This old man loves tailoring and fine clothing and has a keen interest in the stuff like that.

In this movie, we are shown that he works quite decently and stands quite tall among the rest of the likes of him. This old gentleman is unmarried and never had he found a perfect match for him.

One fine morning he meets a woman whom he invites for dinner and then gradually things start building up. then The Story Goes on and on and they both fall in love with each other.

This old gentleman stars praising and admiring the beauty of this lady.The lady also finds Perfect Match for herself.

Gradually this love grows and grows strong and then finally it went too close and all those things.This movie has a perfect blend of romance, love, and emotions.

But a time comes where there is a misunderstanding between the two which makes them separate.

The actors and the entire team have put in their best efforts to produce a marvelous movie among the ‘top movies’ of 2017

It is so good a movie and one can imagine it for the rating that it received. its IMDB rating is 8.4.

Star Wars The last Jedi

The movie is directed by Rian Johnson.The earning of the movie as of by now is $1,299,685,074.

The movie was released on 14 December 2017 in the UK.

The cast of the movie is as follows:

Mark Hamill Luke Skywalkr/Dobbu Scay
Carrie FisherLeia Organa
Adam DriverKylo Ren
Daisy RidleyRey
John BoyegaFinn
Oscar IsaacPoe Dameron
Andy SerkisSnoke
Lupita Nyong’oMaz Kanata
Domhnall GleesonGeneral Hux
Anthony danielsC-3PO
Gwendoline ChristieCaptain Phasma
Kelly Marie TranRose TIco
Laura DernVice Admiral Holdo
Benicio Del ToroDJ
Frank OZYoda

This is all about the cast there are much more which are not listed.

The movie is a combination of action, adventure and a great amount of entertainment. The writer Is instrumental in upbringing the 18 imagination available that can make the audience burst out of excitement.

This movie as great visual effects good sound and good acting too. the movie is based on science fiction and is appropriate live well for the current generation of a similar ideology and thinking.

there are various other parts of the movie Star Wars that already had been released. all of them was a grand success and this one also was not less than any of them.

The movie made a rocking entry which can be measured by the opening earning in the US as $220,009,584, 17.

Not only in US movie was released in several other countries and the impact was the same almost everywhere.

The earning that this movie has made is well suggestive of the fact that why is it considered among the ‘Top Movies’ of 2017.


The movie is written as well as directed by Christopher Nolan.

The cast of the movie is as follows:

Fionn WhiteheadDrench Soldier
Aneurin BarnardGibson
Lee ArmstrongGrenadier
James BloorIrate Soldier
Barry KeoghanGeorge
Mark Rylance Mr. Dawson
Tom Glynn CarneyPeter
Tom Hardy Farrier
Jack LowdenCollins
Luke ThompsonWarrant officer

The movie is produced by; John Bernard as line producer, Erwin Godschalk as line producer, Jake Myers as Executive producer, Emma Thomas as Producer

The genre of the movie is; Action, Drama, War, Movie, Thriller.

Now this movie is all about a group of soldiers that have been alienated in a place called Dunkirk. they have limited resources weapons and armor.

Their main objective is to survive and escape the place where they are right now.But the problem is that they are being continually attacked and this makes the situation, even more, tougher for them.

The only way they can escape is through the waterways and adding on the burden was the continuous bombing through jet planes.

The movie has quite beautifully been shown by the subjective perspective of a soldier At The Ground Zero. the movie can evoke patriotism.

The estimated budget for the movie is $100,000,000. accumulative worldwide earning of the movie is $525,573,161, 21

Being a hit movie both in terms of content as well as presentation this movie is capable of being incorporated in the list of ‘Top Movies’ of 2017.

Blade Runner 2049

The movie is directed by Dennis Villeneuve.

The movie is written by Hampton Fancher and Michael Green.

Cast in the movie is as follows:

Ryan GoslingX
Dave BautistaSapper Morton
Robin WrightLieutenant Joshi
Mak ArnoldInterviewer
Vilma SzecsiAngry Old lady
Ana de ArmasJoi
Wood HarrisNandez
David DastmalchianCoco
Tomas LemarquisFile Clerk
Sylvia HoeksLuv

The budget of the movie is $ 150,000,000.The overall earning of the movie is $92,020,002.

The Genre of the Movie is: Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller.

The Movie is a Grand Success.It has the perfect blend, Taste and everything goes smooth and fine for this movie
The acting, Music, Visual Effects and Creative imagination along with special effects together showcase an overpowering impact.

Keeping in mind the above-mentioned Facts, this movie is included among the ‘Top movies’ of 2017.

The Shape of Water

The director of the movie is Gullirmo del Toro.

The cast of the movie is:

Sally HawkinsElisa Esposito
Michael ShannonRichard Stickland
Richard JenkinsGiles
Octavia SpencerZelda Fuller
Michael StuhlbargDr. Robert Hoffstetler
Doug JonesAmphibian Man
David HewlettFleming
Nick SearcyGeneral Hoyt
Steward ArnottBernard
Nigel BennettMihalkov

The genre of the movie is: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, Thriller.

The estimated budget for the movie is $19,400,000.The gross earnings of the movie are $43,332,473.

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