Top 10 YouTube Channels In India


Top 10 YouTube Channels In India; YouTube is one of the most common and popular mobile application for both iOS and Android. Its dime size is spreading day by day and the credit can be accredited to obviously its content.

YouTube basically comes up with videos from almost all the categories that provide the provision of liking and downloading the video and also subscribing or tuning in the channel that has come up with the respective video.

The following is the list of Top 10 Most popular YouTube channels in India that are liked and subscribed by most of the people and the YouTube community audiences as well. Relevant details have also been mentioned. So, here is the list.

Top 10 YouTube Channels In India

Top 10 Youtube Channels of India
Top 10 Youtube Channels of India

1. BB Ki Vines

BB Ki Vines comes first in this list of Best YouTube Channels of India. Bhuvan Bam’s entertainment channel BB Ki Vines is India’s leading YouTube entertainment channel, and it is probably the best in Vines. The channel is run by a team under comedian Bhuvan Bam.

The channel comes up with videos that are humorous and contain segments of Non-Veg comedy as well. In every video, Bhavan Bam is the only character appearing in roles of three or four and sometimes even more.

A series of the story is created and Bhuvan Bam with his many roles simultaneously brings about the comedy. The videos are quite entertaining and serve as stress busters for the viewers.
The channel’s popularity is evident from these statistics:
• Subscribers: 7.13 Million
• Videos: 115

2. Technical Guruji

Technical Guruji comes second in the list of Best YouTube channels of India. Gaurav Chaudhary’s channel is diversifying it’s reach and popularity day by day.

Technical Guruji, as the name suggests is a technical channel of YouTube that provides with all the tech-related information like working of electrical devices, technical hacks, explaining of some general concepts, etc.

This is not an educational channel. The videos come up with significant humor as well along with providing the required information on Technology. Each video is hosted by Gaurav Choudhary himself and Videos last for around 6-8 minutes.

The channel is famous especially among a particular genre of audience.
• Subscribers: 5.52 Million
• Videos: 1.51 Thousand

3. Sandeep Maheshwari

Sandeep Maheshwari channel comes third in this list of Best YouTube Channels of India. The genre of the channel is motivational video channel. The channel belongs to the team of Sandeep Maheshwari who is a motivational speaker.

Each video comes up with the host Sandeep Maheshwari in the appearance. He discusses a new topic in each video and provides motivational, positive and encouraging points in the same.

The channel is fit for viewers of all age groups and interest choices. The videos are really helpful in motivating and Sandeep comes up with rock-strong facts in each. The basic purpose of these is to encourage Humans in realizing the value of life.

The channel is extremely popular and is the leading one among other motivational channels.
• Subscribers: 4.91 Million
• Videos: 164

4. Amit Bhadana

Amit Bhadana channel comes forth in this list of Best YouTube channels of India. The channel is owned by Amit Bhadana who works with his team to create humorous videos.

The genre is the comedy. It is different from BB Ki Vines series as this series is not basically vines, rather it is pure comedy embedded with music, funny dialogues and sequences. A story is created in the videos of Amit’s channel and it is expressed humorously.

Every video comes up with a slight message or in remembrance or significance of something such as college life, the importance of friends, being confident, etc. Amit Bhadana is not the solo star in his videos.

The channel is known among the youth especially.
• Subscribers: 5.84 Million
• Videos: 44 Videos

5. AIB

AIB channel bags fifth position in this list of Best YouTube channels of India. AIB stands for All India Backchod. It is a comedy channel hosted together by a huge team with different roles and members appearing in different videos.

The videos are all Backchodi which basically means boyish layman talks including dirty language. AIB has come up with a huge series of videos, some consisting of stories in sequel parts of two or three and some independent videos.

Every video narrates a story with extra humourous characters doing complete comedy and comical scenes which are handled exactly in the way they should be done in the practical real world all together making it way too comical.

AIB has also introduced T-Shirts, Caps, Bags, etc to spread its popularity among the youth.
• Subscribers: 3.07 Million
• Videos: 152

6. Zakir Khan

Zakir Khan comes sixth in our list of Best YouTube channels of India. Hosted by Zakir Khan, it is comedy channel embraced with the performance of well known stand-up comedian Zakir Khan.

The channel is heavily popular among the youth and it’s memes, etc are largely liked on Instagram and Facebook. Zakir Khan has a huge fan following which further makes this channel diversifying day by day.

Great sense of humor of Zakir Khan is there in which he discusses common realistic situations of Male youngsters and teenagers and comically shares his experiences on the same along with encouraging powerful reactions for the audiences.

The channel can anytime be recognized by the term ‘Sakht Luanda’ used by Zakir Khan.
• Subscribers: 2.03 Million
• Videos: 39

7. Sanam

Sanam Band channel comes seventh in this list of Best YouTube channels of India. It is India’s most popular boy band consisting of a team of only Four Male artists namely Sanam Puri, Venky S., Samar Puri and Keshav Dhanraj.

This Boy Band comes up with videos of already created old songs. What they do is that they temper with them creating an entirely different song yet from the same song. It is equally interesting as it seems to. Everything other than the lyrics of the songs is altered producing a new song.

Each video comes up with the performance of these four where they are shown singing and producing the songs in creative ways, most of the times better than the older versions.

Sanam Channel is highly popular and Band Artists often went around giving live performances.
• Subscribers: 3.77 Million
• Videos: 93

8. My Bollywood Body

My Bollywood Body comes eighth in the list of Best YouTube channels of India. This is a bodybuilding cum gyming channel in which workout video is there. The channel is hosted by Sunny.

Each video consists of Workouts beautifully narrates by Sunny and performed by three bodybuilders namely Ghulam, Sallu, and Ritik in a proper Gym. Every exercise is perfectly performed by them clearly mentioning the proper way to do them along with their sets and reps.

The channel has come up with many series of videos, the example for Beginners, Intermediate, Women and Diet Plan videos along with home exercises series. Very appreciatively, workouts are demonstrated in a friendly manner with precautions and precisions.

• Subscribers: 1.46 Million
• Videos: 423

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9. Vidya Vox

Vidya Vox comes ninth in the list of Best YouTube channels of India. The channel is run by Vidya Vox and is basically a musical YouTube channel. It is different from song channels and is possibly one of its kind in India.

The videos showcase the artist Vidya Vox along with some other foreign artist, different in each video singing together already created and popular Hindi and English songs respectively. Singing is done like a performance.

The unique concept of this channel is to come up with videos involving mixing of Hindi and English songs, being sung one by one by Vidya and another artist on the very same tune, giving them entirely new significance.

Vidya Vox’s channel is highly popular among girls and youth and is obvious from the following:
• Subscribers: 4.24 Million
• Videos: 31

10. Tried and Refused Productions

Tried and Refused Productions channel occupies the final rank in our list of Best YouTube channels of India. This is a Bollywood ranking channel. The channel discusses best and worst of some Bollywood segments.

Owned by Clenjus D’Souza, the videos of the channel are slides of sequences which are related to the video idea. The narration of the video is very perfectly and gracefully done considering every aspect of what is being shown in the Video.

The video series is known to bring about the best and most deserving best and worst rankings to the Bollywood elements. Some videos are also about best dialogues, movie scenes, etc.

Significantly, it is one of the leading channel related to the Bollywood stuff.
• Subscribers: 277 Thousand
• Videos: 394

So that was the list of Top 10 YouTube Channels of India. The channels being discussed are not ranked on the basis of their subscribers or on the traffic they possess. The ranking is done in respect of the quality and their unique concept.

Each discussed channel is the top one or the leading channel in its type or genre, and this list includes the same from Comedy, Fitness, Band, Vines, Songs, and Bollywood. YouTube is continuously gaining further popularity and we expect more and greater Indian channels to rule YouTube.


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