Thor Ragnarok Movie Review


Thor Ragnarok: Movie review

The movie Thor Ragnarok is a continuation of the series of Thor presented by Marvel. It is the third movie of the sequence. like the other two parts, the protagonist is same this time also which is suggestive from the name of the movie itself.

An Outline of the Last Parts

So far from the last two movies, It has been shown that the protagonist Thor and his family live in a place called Asgard, this place is unique in its own ways.For instance, there is a unique tunnel lighting from which people go on and off.


Loki, the younger brother of Thor is jealous of him as he is deprived of many kinds of power and skills that Thor possesses.Loki always looks for opportunities That can turn the situations upside down for Thor.


The king of Asgard is the father of Thor and the time has come for him to descend the Throne to his son.


Thor Ragnarok Movie

Initially in the movie Thor Ragnarok we are introduced to a new character which is none other than the sister of Thor, Hella.She exercises an enormous strength and power.In the first meet between Thor and Hella she projects her thought of destroying Asgard in order to increase her power.

Thor Ragnarok Movie Review
Thor Ragnarok Movie Review

Thor makes it very very clear that this is not going to be very very easy. he then flies off his hammer towards Hella and what happened next was way beyond his thought. she broke the so-called hammer of Thor.She then goes off and both brothers go Father to seek help regarding this matter.


Now Thor needs to stop Hella before she could make it to Asgard and its people.The central idea of the movie revolves around Thor who rice is best stopping Hella. somewhere we see him fighting with Hulk itself or convincing Loki about various plans that he has.

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It is suggestive from the movie that Ragnarok is nothing, but a phenomenon where Asgard be destroyed.It is quite interesting to look how Thor fights without having his hammer that controls his power.


While the movie moves towards it send we see that the team of Heroes losing hopes and about to surrender.Everyone exhausted and the enemy about to march and capture.


At that very moment, Thor is seen chatting with his father.that chat re-energized him, consequent upon this there is a thunder, Music goes on and Thor and his team are back on the track.


Some facts about Thor Ragnarok

Nobody could I will pick up the hammer of Thor other than him. this is because only purest of the pure has the power to pick up that and Thor is among one of them.

Loki and Thor become so friendly with each other is an exotic moment for the views of the series.


The movie Thor Ragnarok is a great success sofa and we expect it’s next part if it comes to be at least equally good.


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