The Future Of AI Voice Assistants


The Future Of AI Voice Assistants; The time is advancing and so is the technology along with it. In the contemporary Times, the human voice is most trending in the world of Technology. Consequent upon this Big companies are trying to target and invest in voice assisting devices.


At the annual CES gadget show this week in the US, Apple is out with its speaker, Microsoft and Samsung have collaborated on each other. It is being speculated that the digital sound assistance will be soon made available that work on a wide array of products.

ai voice assitant

Net connectivity is being imparted to everyday items such as cars, lights and washing machines. Recently Samsung is up with the Tech upgrade that allows your fridge to book a cab.
‘ Refrigerator Hub 3.0’ can be ordered to help in Planning meals, keeping track of whether the product is still fresh and controlling other home devices. This feature recognizes different sounds belonging to the different members of that house.

The kick-off would have been falling short in its duties, had it not mention the contribution by the so-called Artificial Intelligence(AI). Auto Makers are trying to come up with self-driving vehicles that would be guided by AI. This would turn out to be so useful for us if the automakers show up, that they have claimed.

Earphones are designed in such a way that they offer real-time translations of conversations in different languages. Which is quite similar to Google’s pixel buds that come along with Google’s pixel phones.

On one hand, the human voice is becoming popular but at the other, we have certain drawbacks. Security is one of the parameters which needs to be looked upon. It’s quite reasonable to see some more devices and products that are designed to protect the smart home devices from getting hacked.

Apart from that, we have the concept of smart cities is being awaited, where a maintenance crew can remotely detect roads that need to be repaired or a motorist can view and reserve parking spaces within no time. That is all about technological talk around the CES gadget show. The audience hopes and expects for the fresh arrivals of new gadgets so that their crave can be fulfilled.

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