13 Best Ringtone Maker Apps for Android 2018


A ringtone is undoubtedly an essential attribute when it comes to the personalization of a user’s mobile phone. Ringtones that users set are commonly the one that is specified within the system of the device or they prefer a song or tone for the same by downloading it.

Android software Smartphones have emerged with a unique feature to add self-created or user-manipulated ringtones to be set using certain relevant apps to accomplish the process.

Best Ringtone Maker Apps for Android

Best Ringtone Maker Apps for Android
Best Ringtone Maker Apps for Android

1. Ringtone Maker

Ringtone Maker
Price: Free

Ringtone Maker comes first on the list of Best Ringtone Maker Apps for Androids. Simple as the name suggests. It is one of the most commonly used free of cost application for our purpose. One may use MP3, FLAC, OGG, WAV, AAC(M4A)/MP4, 3GPP/AMR type files conveniently with Ringtone Maker.

The start and end of the tones can be done manually by using the corresponding arrows near the App timeline. The buttons of Start, Pause, Forward and Backward along with a distinctive Typing feature makes this app unique.

One can copy, cut and paste the song. Fading-in and Fading-out for MP3 tones are also enabled within this App. A new audio clip for the editing purpose may also be recorded. After crafting the desired tone, the app enables to directly use it for contacts, notifications etc.

Ringtone Maker generally comes up with ad-version. User accordingly can switch over to the ad-free version of the same app. This requires paying. In addition to the ad-free component, the paid version brings with it a few other advanced features also.


2. MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker

This comes second in the list of Best Ringtone Maker apps for Androids. As the name suggests, the app enables the user to make desired segments of a particular song or tone as a ringtone.

Yes, this app allows trimming a particular segment of a tone as per the demand of the user, provided that it is a typical MP3 tone.

This app also comes with the feature of recording a live audio and using it there itself as Ringtone, Notification tone or Alarm tones. Also, the user can incorporate best of the parts of the audio by editing it as and if required.

MO3 cutter and Ringtone Maker application support every MP3, WAV, AAC, AMR music format and some other music types also.


3. Ringtone Maker-MP3 Cutter

Ringtone Maker-MP3 cutter comes third in the list of Best Ringtone Maker Apps for Android. Another app with the same name but different utility.

It is basically a ringtone editing app that helps in modifying or editing pre-existing musical files in the Android systems and utilize them as unique ringtones by the user.

Just like the above two apps, this app also facilitates user to record the new sound. This app supports the file formats like MP3, WAV, AAC, AMR, 3GPP, 3GP, M4A.

The application comes with a very wide range of audio format support in Android and it also has amazingly powerful editing options.


4. MP3 Cutter

MP3 Cutter
Price: Free+

MP3 Cutter comes fourth on the list of Best Ringtone Maker Apps for Androids. It is a common app for the named purpose. MP3 Cutter is considered to be the least memory-occupying application in comparison with other same utility apps.

It allows to edit and transform both pre-existing and downloaded audio files of certain specified formats in a quite convenient manner.

What makes it different from others is the unique merging feature. Yes, this app enables the user to mix or merge two music files of the similar format within the specified norms of the app.

The user needs to choose the MP3 file from the list in SD card, and then trim it using forward and backward selector. It works great and is integrated with the MP3 player to allow playing and listening before cutting.


5. Ringtone Cutter

Ringtone Cutter
Price: Free

Ringtone Cutter comes fifth on the list of Best Ringtone Maker Apps for Android. It is the only application that makes user create ringtones without anytime boundation.

The user can conveniently produce his/her own unlimited number of ringtones, alarm tones and notification tones from any existing audio file of mp3, aac, wav, Ogg, AIFF, mid and more other formats.

Only choosing the most exciting and desired segment of a particular music file and pressing save button upon reaching within the app is sufficient.

And the Ringtone is ready. It is insisted to use it at least once as it comes up with highly improvised features of unbounded time limit creation and editing of ringtones.


6. Ringdroid

Price: Free

Ringdroid comes Sixth in this amazing list of Best Ringtone Maker Apps for Androids. It is the original open-source ringtone editor for Android. As the name suggests, it is a merge of two terms: Ringtone and Android.

Created long back in 2008, it also allows the editing and creation of user’s desired music segments for setting Ringtones and other tones for utility in the Android software. It enables recording of sound too.

One can access the source code and use it whenever demanded. Ringdroid is free of cost application that never allows any type of advertisements. This is again another positive feature.

It can also set contact-specific ringtones, unlike many other advanced and improvised Ringtone-Making apps but for that, the user will have to allow the app to access the system’s contacts.


7. Audio MP3 Cutter Mix Converter

Audio MP3 Cutter Mix Converter comes seventh in this list of Best Ringtone Maker Apps for Androids. This is another great free of cost Android application for creating wonderful tones for the users.

It is one of the most powerful audio editors and includes all the features a user may wish to have in his Ringtone Maker or audio trimmer for obtaining better results.

The app not only allows to cut or trim MP3 type music files as per the desire but also it enables in converting and mixing of various MP3 notes.

More than 2 files can be merged together and also files from one music format can be converted to another type like– MP3, AAC, WAV, etc.


8. Ringtone Creator-Editor and Slicer

This app comes eighth in the list of Best Ringtone Maker Apps for Android. This app is also nicknamed as Ringtone Slicer FX. It is one of the easiest Android application for making ringtones.

This one is a ringtone creator and audio editor android ringtone maker app. It enables the user to conveniently edit the contents of the musical file.

The Slicer component in it is distinctive in its own accord. It makes us capable of selecting the required section within the tone and slices the remaining one so as to get the most desirable ringtones.

This app also facilitates directly setting the note as Ringtone, Notification Tone, Alarm Tone, etc. It is quite a user-friendly Ringtone Maker and is very popular nowadays.


9. Zedge

Zedge is a smartphone app which has captured ninth position in the list of Best Ringtone Maker apps for Androids. The app has utility more than of a conventional Ringtone Maker.

The Zedge app allows users to slice a music tone as per the requirement. It enables to set up a pre-existing tone as Ringtone or even downloaded tones.

Just like others, Zedge helps in creating many tones and musical notes of specified music formats. But the Ringtone-Making process here comes with a time foundation.

Though well known as a ringtone app, the additional facilities for this app are it lets you put wallpapers and themes as well, making it a multi-utility app.


10. Audiko

Audiko comes tenth on our list of Best Ringtone Maker apps for Android. Audiko is a widely available and free of cost Android Application.

Basically, this app allows the user to turn his/her favorite music into the smartphone’s ringtone. One can create ringtones and as well let the app do the remaining work.

Unlike certain other improvised applications of Ringtone-Making mentioned above, Audiko has lesser number of tone trimming features and is however simple to use.

However, Audiko permits the user to customize Ringtones in the way he/she demands.


11. Cellsea

Ringtone Maker
Price: Free

Following the league of Zedge, here comes Cellsea occupying the eleventh position in our list of Best Ringtone Maker apps for Android.

It is also a multi-utility app and has recently been quite popular among a wide group range of Android software users. Cellsea is free of cost application and can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store.

This app can assist users in its own user-friendly and unique ways. It helps to customize MP3 and many other popular format musical tones in the way user wishes.

This app also helps in choosing desirable fancy wallpapers for the system.


12. Zen Ringtones

Zen Ringtones
Price: Free

It comes on twelfth rank in this list of Best Ringtone Maker apps for Android. Like others, Zen Ringtones is also freely available on Google Play Store.

This app comes with around 92 in-built musical tones, called the Zen Ringtones. The user may select any of the options available to construct his/her own notification or Ringtone.

Zen app hinders the creation of new sounds and editing of musical notes. Thus, here serving as a distinction to all the above ones, Zen Ringtones can only allow the user to manually select a Tone to be set accordingly.

It doesn’t facilitate the creation or manipulation of music and thus, is lesser popular. However, it satisfies the purpose of users who want inbuilt tones as their ringtones and are looking for a variety in the same.


13. Phone Ringtone App

Phone Ringtones
Price: Free

The phone Ringtone app comes at the thirteenth, i.e., the final position in this long list of Best Ringtone Maker apps for Android. It is a paid type of application.

As the name suggests, this app brings to the user certain inbuilt ringtones within itself to be used as Ringtones by the user. However, they can also be used as an alarm tone or notifications alert tone.

One can manually choose a type of musical note from the options available like Dizzy, Energetic, Romantic, etc and enter a wide variety range of already present tones to select from.

The user can click on the desired tone by listening and checking the tone and use it for the app itself. What makes it lag behind from the Zen Ringtones app is that, unlike Zen Ringtones, this app comes only in the paid version in Androids.


So that was the list of 13 Best Ringtone Maker Apps for Android 2018. These days, users tend to have Ringtones and Dialer tones that suit their moods and personalities as well. These applications which are constantly been created and are made subject to improvements whenever required serve their purpose.

Users should not limit their aspirations. Since the options of trimming and creating tones of choice from a large variety of Musical formats are available, the same must be utilized as required. So these were some of the best paid and free of cost Android apps for the same purpose


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