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By accessing the website you should agree to our terms of service, all applicable laws, and regulations to our website. This privacy policy applies to the site, and all its products, information and services offered by our website

Personal information for Identification

We people may have collected personal user identification information in a variety of manners, including, but not limited to, When a user accessing our site, subscribe to the notification, newsletter, and connection with other activities, services, feature or resources we made available on our website.
The user may be asked for them, as appropriate, name, email address and other things for identification information from the user. and Whatever user may visit our site anonymously according to our terms and condition applies to the website.
We only require your personal information to for our notifications, email subscription and we never disclose your identity or email addresses. you can always contact us regarding any issues with our terms and conditions.
A user on our website can always refuse to give our personal information, unsubscribe to the notification and unsubscribe to the email that you provide on our website.

Non-Personal information for Identification

In our website, we may have collected information in a non-personal way that how a user may have accessed our website in a non-personal way. This non-personal information may have which browser the user is using, on which operating system the user is working, and who is your internet provider and other similar or technical information but we never disclose this information to anyone or other websites as well.

Using web browser Cookies

Our website may use “cookies” to provide a better user experience to the user. The user’s web browser always collect cookies on their local hard drive for keeping information about them and sometimes to track their information. The user may deny the permission to the browser to collect the cookies or track the user’s personal information. If they do so, Note that some sensitive parts of our site may not work properly.

What are we doing with your collected information?

Our website collects the user information and uses in the following ways or similar purpose.

–To give a better user experience to the user’s and to improve our site

We are improving our website day by day by taking your feedback through our contact us form.

–To give better service to our customers

Our user’s information helps us to more effectively respond to our user’s need and our supports.

How we are protecting your information

we do not give our user information to other’s and kept private whole user’s information and we never rent or sell their information in any manner.

Acceptance of our terms and condition and to our privacy policy

By using our website, you first accept our terms and conditions and agree to our privacy policies and user agreement. If you do not agree from any of these terms. Please do not use our site. Our privacy policies and terms of the condition are always kept updating and you will be accepting these terms and changes.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policies and our terms and conditions, Please let me know by dropping your query at our contact us page.