Josephine Baker Biography, Wiki, Banana Dance, Children, Movie, Facts, Quotes


    Josephine Baker Biography/Wiki/Story

    Josephine Baker Biography, Wiki, Banana Dance, Children, Movie, Facts, Quotes; Josephine Baker was born on June 3, 1906. Her family includes a son and two daughters. She was a French entertainer and activist.

    Josephine Baker Biography, Wiki, Banana Dance, Children, Movie, Facts, Quotes
    Josephine Baker Biography, Wiki, Banana Dance, Children, Movie, Facts, Quotes. Image Source: Wikipedia

    She was born in St. Louis. Missouri, she renounced her US Citizenship soon after marrying a French industrialist Jean Lion in 1937.

    josephine baker banana dance

    She used to be known as a dancer in the former year of her life. Her dress code during that period would include girdle of bananas. And this became the symbol of the Jazz age in 1920. Baker was good at street corner dancing which was attention-grabbing which lead to her recruitment at St Louis Chorus at the age of 15.

    Then she went to New York City where she was very successful. At that point of time, Baker was known as ‘The highest paid actor at vaudeville’.

    Baker’s life moved on and she went to Paris for new ventures and opened in La Revue Negre on 2 October 1925. She was famous for her erotic dancing and well famous for her getting practically nude onstage.

    In a short span of time, she was accompanied by a Cheetah who was adorned with a diamond collar. The Cheetah frequently escaped into the orchestra pit and terrorized the musicians over there.

    Baker was soon the most successful American Entertainer working in France. Ernest Hemingway called her the ‘Most sensational woman anyone ever saw’.


    Baker was first married to American Pullman porter Willie Wells at an early age of 13. The Marriage did not turn out to be a happy one and soon there was a divorce.

    A similar scenario with Willie Baker in 1921 was witnessed. Although she retained the nickname Baker and she was best known by that name.

    She had four marriages to men, It is said that she had a few relationships with woman.


    During the civil rights movement, she began adopting children. Soon she named the family as “The Rainbow Tribe”.The main intention was to prove that Children of different ethics, communities can be Brothers.

    Later Years and Death

    In her last few years, she turned into Roman Catholicism. She also lost her castle due to unpaid debts. On 8 April 1975 baker started her show at Bobino at Paris. The Crowd was so huge that extra folded chairs were arranged to accommodate them.

    Four days later, she was hospitalized after a miraculous performance which was marked by the headlines of the newspapers. She suffered a cerebral hemorrhage which led to her death on 12 April 1975.

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    josephine baker movie

    • Fausse alerte(The French way) 1940
    • Zouzou 1934
    • Princesse Tam Tam 1935
    • Siren of the tropics 1927
    • The woman from the Folies Begeres 1927
    • Moulin Rogue 1941
    • An jedem Finger zehn 1954
    • Carosello del varieta 1955

    Some Key Facts

    In Johannes Mario Simmel’s Novel – ‘Es muss nicht immer Kaviar sein’ in 1960 Baker appeared as a French resistance. Italian singer paid Homage to Baker through one of his songs-‘Noël Sur Les Milandes’. Baker’s dance banana was copied in the 1981 film -‘Das Boot’.

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