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    Inside the United Nations; Being established on 26th Jan 1945 just after the Second World War, United Nations is an International Organisational which houses around 192 countries in the world currently. The following article enables you to peep inside the system and structure of UN. Earlier known as UNO or The United Nations Organisation, UN today is an intergovernmental body to promote international cooperation and maintain international law and order around the world, and also in individual countries. It is also deputed for preserving of culture, heritage and promoting social equality and education. Since its establishment, the UN has played a significant role in the motion of its member nations every moment.


    UN composes mainly of three parts, The Security Council (UNSC), The International Court of Justice (ICJ) and The General Assembly (UNGA). A duty of UNSC is to ensure addition of new members and maintenance of International peace and order. Recently, UNSC has ensured that no verbal wars progress between the USA and North Korea further. Its headquarters are in New York City, USA. The ICJ is the International judicial body responsible for the settlement of various international issues, such as those involving sharing of border or resources or about the international prisoners. Recently, the ICJ has interfered in the case of Kulbhushan Jadhav. Its headquarters are in Hague, Netherlands, and is called The World Court.

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    The General Assembly of UN, called UNGA is the most important organ of UN responsible for the formation of new policies and it also provides a platform for Representatives of different nations to present their views and situations of their countries. PM Narendra Modi has many times addressed the UNGA. Its headquarters are in New York City, USA. Along with the upper three, The Economic and Social Council, Secretariat and Trusteeship Council are other important organs. The Secretary, currently Antonio Guterres, sits in the Secretariat situated in New York City, USA. The Economics and Social Council (ECOSOC) is in function today while The Trusteeship Council suspended its activeness long back in 1992.

    Members and Followers


    Around 192 countries including India, USA, Great Britain, Pakistan, Japan, Russia, China and South Korea are followers of the United Nations which abide by its policies and instructions to some extent. 15 countries are members of UN Security Council out of which, 5 are permanent members. These comprise of China, Russia, France, USA, and UK. They have the VETO power, the special powers er of NO, to suspend any pending decision of international relevance. India is temporary members and argues for its permanent membership, supported by the USA but opposed by China. North Korea is one of the very few countries in the world, not abiding by the decisions and policies of United Nations and not following judgments in ICJ.

    Why UN?

    The world had suffered two big wars, the first and the second World War, comprising of Nuclear attacks, along with Chemical devastation, slave trades, territorial interferences, mass level killings, high order conspiracies and capturing of smaller territories by relatively bigger countries. By all these disturbing scenarios, it emerged as a necessity and an urgency to set up a well organized independent administrative body to look into the harmony of the world and proper working of different countries.

    So, UN was set up in 1945 just after the end of 2nd World War to supervise the global activities.

    Today, United Nations ensure that no war, no alarmingly harmful controversies, International disputes, damage to a particular nation’s policy or capturing of weaker nations takes place and Problems of international relevance could be solved properly.

    Evidently, UN ensures peace along with progress. UNICEF and UNESCO are parts of UN responsible for heritage, education, preserving pf Culture and promoting equality which are definitely important elements. Today, there are several hot conflicts among major countries of the world and non-members of UN, and it is high time to resolve those issues to prevent another war. Thus, we expect United Nations to work in the same way and ensure peace and progress across the globe.

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