Google Voice Assistant Replacing Alarms?


Google Voice Assistant Replacing Alarms?:

Think of your favorite music waking you up for the day.It sounds quite cool and it indeed is. Google Assistant voice feature has a new update with which one can set alarms with their favorite tone.

You simply have to say: “Hey Google set an alarm for 6 A.M “and you are done. you can select any song of your choice on the various music stations and applications.

This feature sounds great and is capable of replacing the old versions of alarms that can sometimes be horrible. This new feature is as easy as just ordering the Google assistant.

The user has the freedom of choosing songs from various streaming service such as Pandora, Spotify etc. This feature is so useful and is becoming trending day by day.

This feature can be accessed by smartphones, the Google home or the Google voice assistant.
the Tech giant Google’s new update is very useful and reliable as well, which can be easily seen in the days to come.

Google Voice Assistant Replacing Alarms
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Research has shown that the song that you like can easily wake you up and can make your day. if not the song, then you can choose for your favorite singer oh the type of music that you like.

But it is for sure that one is bound to find Google voice assistant useful whoever is in the habit of using the traditional alarms for dear day to day activities.

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The new update doesn’t end here. there are several other modifications that the Tech Giant has exposed this time. one of the interesting features that Google has revealed this time is that you can also watch Netflix based on your voice commands.

You can ask the Google voice assistant to play a particular video on Netflix and it will do the same and you can watch your video from wherever you left it.

Also, another feature the home can do is answer your queries regarding your favorite shows.
Like you can ask it when is the next show or rerun of an XYZ show? it will then inform you about all the stuff related to that show.

Google voice assistant had already made our life easier and now further extending its feature will increase its grip on its customers. we all hope that Google app brings new features like Google voice assistant that can make our life easier.

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