Gmail Go: A new update from the so called ‘Tech Giant’ Google


A Background of Google

The Tech Giant Google is dominating the technological market. The profounding impact that the company has cherished is due to the Efficiency and usefulness of their products.

This can be witnessed through the various apps it has launched be it Gmail, YouTube, Google Plus, Google Drive, Google photo or anything for that matter.

All of the above-mentioned apps are probably the best and it’s us the users who have inspired the company to improve constantly and bring in such a wonderful service.

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The Utility of Emails

We all are familiar with the various social media applications, and most of us have at least send emails in our lives. What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you think of sending an email?

Obviously, there are various answers to the above-mentioned questions.For most of the people, the answer would be an app that has a simple interface and is lite.

There are various kinds of websites, apps that can be used to send an email.Major ones that are used widely includes Gmail, Yahoo, Rediffmail, Hotmail, and Orkut etc.

You may say that there are other apps that can be used, and actually, you are right. the ones mentioned above are my favorite ones.

The recent Update

Google has recently launched a new app Gmail Go.The requirement to get this app is an Android Go Phone.Or either you are using Android 8.1 version or above.

Gmail Go
Gmail Go
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

The Play store is also loaded with this new app Gmail Go. you can download and get the apk file of the above app.

The size of the earlier version was 20.66 MB but this one is only 9.51 MB.After installation, The size used to go around 47.28MB but this time it’s around 24.80 MB.

Gmail Go:A new update from the so called 'Tech Giant' Google
image source: Wikipedia

It is obvious that Gmail Go is quite light compared to the previous one, it indeed is.Gmail Go is quite similar to the previous one but there are several changes which makes it superior to the previous one.

Like, This time we don’t have a title bar levitating at the top and there is no background image or the picture of the user. The interface is quite simple as usual, the welcome screen is the same in the rest every feature regarding the welcome screen remains the same.

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Swipe gestures are still there which can help you in archiving or deleting a message based on your preferences on them.

Emails open up, as usual, displaying the entire content with images and all the options are still available that were on the previous part.

Gmail Go offers a new interesting feature.That is you have a Gmail Go launcher app from where you can directly go to the inbox or compose an email.

This was all about the recent updates about the Gmail Go and still, we expect Tech Giant to bring in some of them for us(the users)

There is an update regarding the Youtube app which has certain improvements.Although that is quite different in terms of those from Gmail Go.

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