Games like clash of clans for android


Games like Clash of clash for android, If you are finding best games like clash of clans for android then you are at the right place.
So, Today I am gonna show top 4 games like clash of clash for android. Clash of clans is the most popular game nowadays. I am also playing clash of clans very much. If you like to play some more games just like this then you are at the right place.
These all games are similar to clash of clans. But some of these are offline and some of these are online. You can also play these games with because approximate all these games are multiplayer’s.

The list is as follows…
1. Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD
2. Holy TD: Epic Tower Defense
3. Castle Defense
4. kingdom Rush

No. 1 On List: Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD

Realm Defense Hero Legends TD

Paid: No
Size In MB: 16
Developer:  Babeltime Inc
Offline: No
Real Defence is one of the most popular game for android and ios just like clash of clans. As you know this game is as similar as the clash of clans but in this game, you will get 99+ challenging levels. New amazing different tower with stunning looking in different worlds. In this game, there are many superheroes with their own different special abilities.
Defend your territory from many types of the army and build your empire and with great powers burn them, freeze them, destroy them and clean your way through lights.

No. 2 On List: Holy TD: Epic Tower Defense

Holy TD Epic Tower Defense

Paid: No
Size In MB: 91


Offline: Yes
This is another game similar to clash of clans. As You know this is also a strategy tower defense game for mobile. This comes with very fun gameplaying game and there are some interesting levels, your work is to protect your tower from the enemy and defeat all the enemy with our amazing defense towers, cool heroes, loyal warriors, even you use their superpowers during battle to defeat your enemy. And the main thing is that it’s an offline strategy game similar to clash of clans. If you have no data you can download this game and play when you have no internet.

No. 3 On List: Castle Defense

Castle Defense

Paid: No
Size In MB: 16 MB
Developer: Elite Games
Offline: Yes
This is the another which is also similar to clash of clans. This is a great strategy game with the always offline mod. In this game mode, there are 15+ challenging levels, 15+ maps, arena mod and many more. If we talk about game features, there are about 3 warriors including paladin, wizard and barbarian, there are also 100+ interesting levels. This is the best game with less size and offline mod if your mobile phone has less ram and does not have a working internet connection then this game is made for you.

No. 4 On List: Kingdom Rush

kingdom Rush games like coc rekalit

Paid: No
Size In MB: 177
Developer: Ironhide Game Studio
Offline: Yes
Kingdom Rush is a very popular game in android or ios for category strategy game. This is also an offline game.
The work of you in this game is to build strong defenses with archer towers, wizard towers, guard posts and much more. your work is to defend all attack of more than 50+ types fo enemies and, unlock various new levels. Here you have nine heroes available you can choose them at any level. This is a very addictive game like clash of clans. You can also play when You have no internet connection.


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