Find Apps that have access to your Google information



Find Apps that have access to your Google information:


To Find Apps that have access to your Google information read this article.

Do you remember, when was the Last time you gave access to some app for your Google information?For most of the people, the answer would be a ‘NO’.

Applications can access your Google information such as your :

The applications at times, ask for your permission to access something like you Google information, the moment you tap yes they get access to it and they may share it with the third party without you being aware of it.

How to Find Apps that have access to your Google information?

Recently it has been highlighted that a lot of information of the users is being looked for by various third party. they want to sneak in into your privacy and access your private details. at times they may exploit that for their advantage.

for most of the users, they are unaware of the fact that for what applications have the granted such kind of permissions. even if they won’t know it there no idea altogether from where to access that.

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We as the users want to save all times and for that reason, we give the permission to various applications to log-in using the Google account. this very lazy attitude can risk your privacy.

There are many ways to save your time while you are login in or signing for various apps. for instance, you can use a trusted browser like  Chrome or something like that to remember your password.

Or maybe you don’t log-out from your accounts, do sign out when you feel that you don’t need it anymore for a long time.

If you already have given permissions to various applications and want to find out which are the ones, then you could follow the simple steps mentioned below and find it out

Find Apps that have access to your Google information
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To Find Apps that have access to your Google information


Follow the link:
On a mobile phone open the google app and tap ‘Settings’ then ‘My Account’


Click the ‘Apps with account access’ below ‘Sign-in and security’ on the Desktop. If you are on a phone, click ‘Sign-in & security’ and scroll to ‘Apps with access to your account’.


Log in to your Google account. Click on “Manage Apps”

Then you will see the list of third parties that you have given the permission to.Just click on the one that you want to remove. a pop-up box will appear on your screen and then tap ‘Remove excess’ on that box

This was the simple step that you need to take in order to remove the permissions from the apps that may exploit your private information and export that to some other organizations.

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