Cervical Cancer


Cervical cancer

Cancer is the deadliest disease that one can think of. The data put up by various health Institutions reveal that in 75% of the cases people die because of late diagnosis.Among its various types, breast cancer and cervical cancer are the major ones.

Cervical Cancer

Cancer if diagnosed at the right time when one has a chance of getting saved otherwise if delayed, it is fatal. Strictly speaking, cancer can attack anyone, anytime.

An Overview of Cervical Cancer

Before the actual cervical cancer, there is a stage cervical cancer which lasts for around 10 years. during this period if cervical cancer is detected then the probability is high that it can be cured.

However, there are various tests available in the market that can help detect it.The fundamental idea in order to fight cancer is never getting discouraged and never feel shy to share it with Doctors.

Cervical cancer was more common in Malaysians around the year 2006.There is a significant drop in this number by the year 2016.Studies reveal that around 2000 cases of Cervical Cancer are discovered every year out of which 600 or so are curable.

Why Cervical Cancer?

Cervical Cancer or say Cancer, in general, takes away so many lives. So-called human beings can’t just sit and let things get away.We need to pull our socks.

Cervical Cancer

The question arises where do we lack?
Awareness is definitely one of the factors that allow cervical cancer to crop up.The government and various Medical institutions need to join hands and spread awareness through posters, rallies, news, media, articles, social media and the list goes on and on.

And the most important we need to convince people that Cancer is not invincible.There are ways to stop it. somebody as well said, ”Where there is a will there is a way”.

Vaccines are important aspects that can stop Cervical Cancer to a great extent.Most people need to go for a regular checkup, so that any signs of Cervical Cancer can be detected and dealt with at that moment onwards, so the patient has ample time to respond.

It will be well and good if cancer is detected at an early stage.The chances of being cured are above 85%.

Some Statistics on Cervical Cancer

Early stage cancers are usually good responders to treatment and have a high cure rate.

The pre-cancer stage is called CIN and it can be diagnosed by a simple and inexpensive test called the Pap smear.

While most developed countries see 75 to 90 percent of the target population going for regular cervical smears, in Malaysia, we are only seeing 50 percent or fewer women coming for check-ups. The figure was 47.6 percent in 2006, but much higher than the two percent recorded in 1992.

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