Boards Are Back


Boards Are Back;  Class 10 board examinations are back again after a long time. CBSE has announced that from the year 2017-18 and onwards class 10th lamination will be board based. The decision came out under the governance of BJP. The board examination has replaced the CCE pattern. The latter was based on awarding CGPA or the grades to the student instead of the actual percentage. CCE pattern was brought in by the Congress when it was in power.

class 10th boards are back

The Dilemma

Some people believe that the CCE pattern was better. The most probable reason to this can be that the students felt comfortable and the suicide rates that the student committed, declined substantially. Others had their own reasons to consider the CCE pattern better. The other people that the Board pattern should be back as the syllabus covered by the CCE is compared to the boat. It had made students very lazy due to which they remain indifferent towards their studies. Others thought that the evaluation was insufficient as there were many students with the same CGPA, so it became hard to evaluate who was better.



The class 10th and now need to pull up their socks as they have to train the students for an extended syllabus and a different pattern. The same applies to the students to work really hard to achieve good marks in the Board examinations. The schools are busy making the seating plan and the different arrangements that are needed. The board makes the center superintendent, the invigilator, and officials at the various centers so that everything goes smooth. There is a commotion all around Vijay upcoming of the board examination again.

The people are eagerly waiting for the date sheet to come. It is expected of the boards that it releases date sheet as soon as possible. So that the preparations can be made by the students accordingly. However similar to the class 12th Board exams are some work in March and April. The results will be declared in the month of June or somewhere around it


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