10 Best Apps for Youtubers 2018


Many people earn money by uploading videos on the youtube. And some you are also full-time youtuber and making a living from it. Some of the Youtubers in the world makes about million a year that makes youtube quite interesting for doing online work and earns money by just uploading videos on the internet.

So, today I will share some of the best apps for YouTubers 2018. All these apps help you to work easier, faster and more efficiently. After every small interval of time youtube launch some new and more advanced feature for creators or audience to keep them engaged.

So, these some of the best apps for YouTubers that every Youtuber must have. If you are a creator on the youtube or want to become a Youtuber then these apps are for you. From the list of these best apps for Youtubers 2018, you already know about some these apps. So, can take a look at other apps that are useful for you.

Best Apps for Youtubers 2018

best apps for youtubers
best apps for YouTubers

11. Creator Studio

YouTube Studio
Price: Free

Creator Studio comes 1st on the list of 10 Best Apps for Youtubers 2018. Creator Studio is available for all youtube creators for managing your Youtube Channel on the Go. This is an essential app for you if want to manage your youtube channel with your smartphone. The features of Creator Studio include checking latest stats, checking your comment section and respond to them easily and much more.


22. Audio Recorder

Audio Recorder
Price: Free+

Audio Recorder comes 2nd on the list of 10 Best Apps for Youtubers 2018. If you are using your smartphone for recording purpose than you must have the best voice recording software. Then this is the best app for all your voice recording needs. Audio Record provided by Sony. This also a default voice recorder for all smartphones under the brand Sony. The features include recording and playback on the go.


33. Google Keep

Google Keep comes 3rd on the list of 10 Best Apps for Youtubers 2018. This app was developed by Google that helps you in quickly capturing your thoughts on the go and get the reminder of that whenever you want. You can also set a reminder by just speaking after that this will automatically change into the text as whatever you say. You can also share your reminders with your friends and family.


44. Filmmaker

Filmmaker comes 4th on the list of 10 Best Apps for Youtubers 2018. Filmmaker is free video editing application that used for editing videos for your youtube channel or anything else. All features of this app available for free that makes this app completely different from others while other apps come with a paid subscription and this is absolutely free. The features of filmmaker include cut and trim your videos, adding background music, animations and also text to your videos easily.


55. Tag You

Tag You
Price: Free+

Tag You comes 5th on the list of 10 Best Apps for Youtubers 2018. This will be helpful for you in optimizing SEO of your youtube videos. This will optimize your video title, keyword, and tags that will be helpful to boost your videos SEO to next level. Because of tags are also the important factors for ranking a video on youtube.


66. Adsense

Google AdSense
Price: Free

Adsense comes 6th on the list of 10 Best Apps for Youtubers 2018. If you have a youtube channel or working on a blog then already know Google Adsense. With Google Adsense you can check your channel stats, page views, how much you earned money, CPC and many more things. You can also view custom report for your channel or blog.


77. Thumbnail Maker

Thumbnail Maker comes 7th on the list of 10 Best Apps for Youtubers 2018. Thumbnail Maker & Banner Maker is for making thumbnails for your youtube channel on the go. The app consists of all tools for making an awesome thumbnail. By making a good thumbnail the chances of a video to get more views increases.


88. AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder comes 8th on the list of 10 Best Apps for Youtubers 2018. When you want to record a video on your smartphone the main thing is for finding the best video recorder. I usually tried many apps for recording video on mobile but the best app that I usually prefer is AZ Screen Recorder which gives you more freedom when it comes to record video on mobile phones. With AZ Screen Recorder you can also record videos in 720P and I find this feature pretty cool. You can use this making videos for your Youtube channel or want to make a quick onscreen tutorial.


99. Legend

Legend comes 9th on the list of 10 Best Apps for Youtubers 2018. Some of you guys are already using legend for making your simple text into cool and awesome animation or gif. This will comes handy for the quick making intro with videos title or want to impress friends by converting simple text to animation. This will do all this for you in just two tapes after that you can save it to gif or mp4.


1010. Youtube Gaming

YouTube Gaming
Price: Free

Youtube Gaming comes 10th on the list of 10 Best Apps for Youtubers 2018. Youtube Gaming Apps is specially made for its gaming fans or for those who want like to watch gameplays online. You can also earn money by Youtube Gaming app if you are good at gaming or a pro gamer. You can simply go live and start gameplay with Youtube Gaming app. Approx. all video games gameplays are available here, you can watch any as per your wish. Youtube Gaming app features include donation, live chat and many more.


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