Armed Forces Of United States


    Armed Forces Of United States; The United States of America is currently a Superpower which is continuously influencing the scenario of the world. The United States is said to have some best of the armed forces in the world to guard its territory. The USA has a very well organized Defence Mechanism just like India and maintains its Armed Forces well for the nation’s dignity. Since January 2017, Jim Mattis is the Secretary of United States Defence System.

    Defence Expenditure

    The military budget is the part of the United States federal budget allocated to the Department of Defence or basically, the portion of the budget that goes to any Military Related-Expenditure. The USA spends $800 Billion on Defence and $600 Billion solely on Military annually. These stats are enough to prove the relevance and care of the US government for its Defence. Pentagon is the Headquarters of The United States Defence Ministry and Joseph Dunford is currently its Chairman.


    Special Teams

    Green Berets is a known militant force capable of excellent combating skills and enemy tackling ability. SWAT- Special Weapons And Techniques, is an internal team of great capabilities of handling with different type and level of criminals. The Night Stalkers, 75th Ranger Regiment, Delta Forces, Force Recon, MARSOC, and SWOT. These all are Special Task Teams for managing unexpected interference situations at or within the border of USA.

    Navy Seal Teams

    United States Forces for Sea, Air, and Land abbreviated as US Navy SEALs are primary special operation forces of US Navy. The soldiers or Navy Seals are such trained to face any sort of adverse situation and carry out impossible tending missions. Navy Seal 6 Team is the most prestigious task force in the USA and it has special significance in the world for its targeted excellent working. It is the team credited with killing world famous most wanted terrorist Osama Bin Laden.

    US Army

    It is the largest part of US Armed Forces and constitutes land-based operational part just like military of any other country. US President Donald Trump is the Commander-in-Chief and General Mark A. Millie is the Chief of US Army Staff. US Army established originally in the late eighteenth century has accomplished perfectly guarding against its neighbors, Mexico and Canada whenever required including rare contribution in 2nd World War.

    Air Force

    US Air Force is one of the most technologically sound and advanced Aerospace Force in the world. Having dealt with Japan and Soviet Forces during the 2nd World War, today, the US Air Force is an Independent combatting team with potentially perfect Officers. It is also a major Joint terminal attack controller and successfully accomplishes several rescues.

    US Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guards and Air Force constitute US defense forces. Currently, 1.3 Million active and 8.11 Lakhs reserved personnel serves the United States.

    The armed forces are all controlled primarily and with principles from the Constitution of USA. The US President is the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the forces and his government has absolute authority over them. And, the Forces, Army, Navy, Air Force have their own commanders. US armed forces are established in around 170 countries, almost all members of UN.

    All these operations correspond to the effective and smooth working of the defense ministry (Pentagon) and US Government, and since Independence, United States has proved itself totally capable of facing other countries across the globe.

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