All About Food Problems of the World: Wastage, Scarcity, and Adulteration


All About Food Problems of the World: Wastage, Scarcity, and Adulteration; In today’s era of growing demand and constant production, Food Problems are prevailing the world. Some can’t even get two square meals. Most of the people don’t have good or nutritious food to eat, not by choice of eating Junk food, but by Problem of not being able to get it. This is due to many causes such as Poverty, lack of availability or shortage of food, inaccessibility of the same etc.

all about problems related to food

Food crisis comes next to the Potable water crisis. It is not only in the case of humans but also in case of animals, where it prevails even more. The chief victims of the Food problems are the poor or people with lesser resources and facilities. They don’t get the ideal food to eat resulting in their shorter and unfit lifespan.

Food adulteration is one of the biggest food problems in the world, at least in India. Large quantities of eatables and even drinking items are all adulterated in some or the other way mainly at the producer’s level or the retailer’s level. Adulteration in food is also a gateway to bad health and even death in some cases.

Food Wastage

Food wastage and Food loss are the primary reasons for food problems in the world. What is Food Wastage? Pretty obvious from this term itself isn’t it! But it is not only limited to our level of leaving uneaten food items in our plates after our meal. It happens at all the four levels.

Nobody_Likes_to_See_Good_Food_Go_To_Waste about food waste

1. At the grower’s level:

Food is wasted in forms like that during farming in various processes like sowing: damage or degradation of seeds, irrigation: overwatering resulting in the damage, harvesting: damage of crops by vehicles or equipment used for the same.
Food is also lost due to natural incidents like over raining, drought, etc.

2. At the processors level

During the processing part of certain vegetables and fruits, small amounts of food are continuously wasted in processes of Washing, further cleaning etc. But these small wastages means a lot in long time run.

3. At the retailer’s level

Maximum damage happens during the packing, loading, and transportation of food containers. It is also wasted in shops mainly due to spoiling caused by the lesser demand of consumer or due to shopkeeper’s negligence. Food is also wasted at this level when poor quality food is thrown as of no consumer demand when the same could be given to the cattle or stray animals.
The loss may happen due to some mishappening like Fire in godowns, theft, etc.

4. At the consumer’s level

Maximum wastage takes place at this level. Most of the times, we leave extra food after our meals, and it is removed just like wastes. However, it shouldn’t be. That food could be given to poor people or to the stray animals. Also, at times consumer tends to store extra food and it results in it’s spoiling in some cases in small amounts.

Food shortage

food shortage an image by rekalit

Food shortage occupies the maximum portion of food problems in most of the regions of the world. It is also linked to food wastage. Shortage happens in the areas which are overpopulated. It also takes place where there is less accessibility of food or where there is poor maintenance and storage of food resources. Food shortage results in associated problems of dominance, violence and ultimately emigration, and consequent gathering of the population in food-rich areas thus, leading to their downfall too.

This shortage not only makes people consume less and ultimately degrade their health but also to go for bad and even worst qualities of food to satisfy their demand. In case of animals, food shortage results in their death as well because we know, ‘Survival for the fittest’ is the ‘rule’. This problem may cause the extinction of a species, provided the type or quantity of food it deserves is not being achieved, or complete removal of some particular species from an area.

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Adulteration of food is actually a quite big problem of Food in the world. At almost all levels, food is mixed up with other different eatable articles. This is adulteration. Mixing of Water with Milk is not adulteration while mixing Palm Oil with Vegetable oil is adulteration. Thus, we may further say that adulteration is mixing of substances in Food items, after mixing of which, if consumed can cause an ill effect on health.

Recently, it was discovered in a milk sample that urea was mixed, intake of which could be very harmful to health. ‘ Khoya’, a common article for preparing Sweets is also generally contaminated with several health hazardous things and that’s why it is always recommended to purchase milk based sweets from reputed shops as mostly milk-derived ingredients of sweets are adulterated.

Adulteration in Wheat Flour (Maida) is also common nowadays. In fact, it is really difficult to count popular food articles which are supplied in the market in their pure form. Edible Oils, Fruit Juices, most of the milk-derived products like Paneer, etc are severely adulterated today for maximizing of profit associated with their sales. Here, the health issues of Consumers are never considered. Adulteration of food is that food problem which is increasing at an alarming rate and is ultimately resulting in the shortage of pure products which further leads to the increase in their price.



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